Saiyans Information
Saiyans are a powerful species from the planet, Planet Vegeta. They are very powerfull, brutal, cruel and uncivilized. Saiyans have a unique ape-like tail on their backs that distinguishes from other species. When they see a full moon, their tails give them the ability to go into the oozaru form. The oozaru form is a form in which saiyans turn into gigantic and extremely strong ape creatures.In order to return to the normal saiyan form, their tails must be cut off or someone must destroy the moon. Their natural fighting abilities allows them to easily beat off their enemies. On their planet, they destroyed the weaker Tuffels and built rocket ships to blast off to planets with advanced technology and great wealth. Once they arrived on a planet, they would take control of it and become the rulers. The Saiyans' goal were to capture the best planets and trade it off; they were some what like planet brokers. Although the saiyans' natural fighting abilities were high, one day, the evil and powerful Frieza conquered Planet Vegeta and destroyed Planet Vegeta including all the saiyans. Luckily, two saiyans survived. One of them was Vegeta, who was the prince. The other saiyan was Goku, a normal saiyan who had been on Earth when Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Only some saiyans can reach a special status called Super Saiyan. There are four levels of Super Saiyan:
Super Saiyan Level 1: Hair is gold, Muscular Super fighter, Stricter/Angrier
Super Saiyan Level 2: Hair is gold and longer More muscular Fighting ability increases More stricter and angrier
Super Saiyan Level 3: Hair is gold and extremely long Extremely muscular Fighting ability extremely high Even more stricter and angrier
Super Saiyan Level 4: Hair is black and short Smaller appearance Different clothes Purplish maroon tails Extremely strict and angry

Dragonball Z Summary
After Goku having a son, Gohan, he reunites with his friends and introduces Gohan. An Alien (Saiyan) named Raditz came to Earth seeking for his brother, Goku (Kakarot), requesting for his help for world domination, Goku refuses. Raditz captures Gohan and blackmails Goku, but Goku doesn't agree and decides tokill Raditz with the help of Piccolo. This opens the first battle of the DragonBall Z Series. After Piccolo loses his arms from a fireball by Raditz he chargesup his makankosappo (special beam), as Goku stalls Raditz, then Goku gets Raditz in a hold and Piccolo fires his Mankankosappo (special beam) killing both Gokuand Raditz. Raditz finds out about the dragon balls from Piccolo and sends a message to his comrades (Vegeta and Nappa). Piccolo takes Gohan and trains him, as Goku runs on snake way to get trained from Kaiou (King Ki). And the rest ofthe Z warriors are being trained by Kami. One year later Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth looking for the dragon balls. Nappa plants Saiba-men when they fight against the Z warriors. The Z warriors kills all Saiba-men and then they fight Nappa. Tenshinhan, Chuo-zu, and Yamcha have died. Piccolo also dies while saving Gohan. Goku soon arrives and takes out Nappa. Vegeta kills Nappa because he is no longer useful. Goku fights Vegeta, then Vegeta fires an energy ball into thesky then changes into a were monkey. Later Yajirobe cuts of his tail turning him back into the regular saiyan form. Goku gives Krillin his tenki-dama (spiritbomb). Then he fires the Genki-dama (spirit bomb) at Vegeta but Vegeta returns for one last fight. Gohan's tail grows back and he grows into a were monkey. Gohan beats the crap outta Vegeta and Vegeta cuts off Gohan's tail, then as he tries to escape Krillin tries to kill him but Goku tells him to spare Vegeta's life. Vegeta then leaves in his space pod. Bulma finds out about the Dragonballs on Namek and leaves for Namek on the spaceship that Piccolo and Kami took to get to Earth with Gohan and Krillin. Vegeta also wants to look for the Dragonballs for immortality and to kill Freeza. Gokuh heads off to Namek as Vegeta fights Freeza's men. After defeating all of Freeza's men Vegeta joins the Gohan and Krillin. Freeza calls on The Ginyu Force and Vegeta kills Guldo, then Recoom beats the crap outta Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin (actually Krillin just gets kicked in the head and says he can't fight anymore). Then Goku come and kills the rest of the Ginyu Force. Then Goku fights Freeza. Freeza goes through 3 forms, Goku learns how to get to Super Saiyan when Krillin was killed. After killing Freeza, Goku goes to Planet Yardrat to learn how to teleport. Freeza's father King Cold, found out what happened to Freeza and collected his pieces through space. Then brings him back to life, Freeza tells his dad about Goku and Saiyan's way of life but his father doubts him. Freeza, Cold, and his crew come to Earth for revenge, but future Trunks comes and easily kills Freeza and his father. Trunks mission was to save Goku from dying to save the future from the androids. Trunks gives Goku the medicine for his heart and tells the Z warriors when to meet. Later Dr. Gero builds Android 19 (fat guy with a what looks like a cone on his head), then he asks the android to make himself into a android to get stronger. The two androids fight Goku and Vegeta, Goku gets a heart attack and Vegeta kills Android 19, but Android 20 (Dr. Gero escapes). He then goes back to his lab and releases androids 17,18. Android 17 kills Dr. Gero then they release android 16. Android 17 and 18 fight the Z warriors, Goku gets a heart attack and returns home. Trunks was sent again from Bulma to cure Goku's heart, with the medicine, the medicine cures Goku. Goku and the Z warriors are training in a chamber instead of fighting. Piccolo and Kami fuses then Dende becomes the guardian of the Dragonballs. Piccolo finds a creature saying he is Piccolo's brother named Cell. He is from the future and can power up as high as Piccolo and the rest of the Z warriors. He observed the Z warrior's moves and memorized then and can also do the Kame-hame-ha. then he fires a kame-hame-ha at Piccolo. Then Cell finds out that Piccolo is stronger than he is because he has fused with Kami. Cell then devours civilians to get stronger. Cell then fights Android #17 then Android #16 fights Cell, Android #16 is not easily defeated. Then Cell devours Android #17 and gets his powers then he beats up Android #16. Then he fights Vegeta and Vegeta lets him devour Android #18 (Trunks tries to stop Cell from doing this) to become more of a challenge. Turning into perfect Cell. Later Android #16 is repaired and fights on the Z warriors. The Z warriors fight Cell but Android #16 is destroyed. Cell then reproduces himself into 7 Cell Juniors. Gohan can now turn into SSJ2 and he destroys all Cell Juniors. Cell later gets kicked and Android #18 comes out. Cell now is form 2 and he is defeated. Cell tries to self destruct and blow up Earth, but Goku teleports Cell into Kaiou's (King Ki) planet and blows up there. Soon after a fireball kills Trunks, when Cell in form 3 appears, he says that one brain cell survived and it multiplied itself into Cell Form 3. Gohan is now their only hope. Gohan fires a fireball and so does Cell. With the help of Vegeta, Cell is distracted and also Goku who encourages Gohan to use all his energy, helps Gohan kill Cell. After the battle Trunks returns to the future and Cell arrives to kill him. But Trunks kills him with a giant fireball. the Z warriors also wish everyone who died to come back alive except Goku because he was already dead. Mr. Satan takes credit for defeating Cell because no one could see because of the massive energy. Last series starts as Goku fighting in a tournament (he is allowed to come back for aday) and Goku and Vegeta training Goten and Trunks. Goten and Trunks has turned Super Saiyan at a young age and Gohan has a girlfriend named Videl, who is Mr. Satan's Daughter. Gohan who is the great Saiyan-Man enters the tournament and turns super saiyan but his costume gets torn to bits and everyone is surprised to see that a nerd is the Great Saiyan Man. Out of nowhere Spopobitch and Yamuabsorb Gohan's energy and take it back to Babi Di who uses it awaken Majin Boo. Piccolo and Krillin are turned to stone by Dabura and Vegeta is turned into Babi's slave with a M on his forhead. Boo is now alive and eats Babi Di' shenchman Dabura (looks like Satan). Piccolo and Krillin turn back to normal and Vegeta beats Goku and fights Boo but he blows up killing both of them. Bulma then gets all the Dragonballs and revives those who have died. Goku reaches SSJ3and fights Boo. After a while he stops and goes to teach Trunks and Goten how to fuse into Gotenks so they will become stronger. Gohan trains with Dai Kaiou-shin with the Z sword. Boo kills Babi Di and Boo seperates into two parts, one evil and one good. The evil Boo (skinny one) turns Good Boo (fat one) into a cookie and eats him. He gets the Boo's powers and he gets taller. Gotenks is also able to turn into SSJ3. But Gotenks can only fuse for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Gohan had mastered the Z sword and learned how to use his hidden powers without getting angry under training with Dai Kaiou-shin. Gohan comes to save them. But Boo runs away and tricks Goten and Trunks to go SSJ3 Gotenks. Thus, Boo absorbed Gotenks' powers and becomes stronger again. He changes form again! Piccolo is also defeated and eaten by Boo. Gohan fights Boo but he is defeated too. Goku is still dead and watches the fight through Kaiou-shin's crystal ball. Seeing the unfortunate odds for our heroes, Dai Kaiou-shin sacrifices he life to Goku and dies. Goku's halo disappears, and DaiKaiou-shin wakes back up with a halo over his head. Now, Goku teleports into the battle. Goku acquires a pair of special earrings from the Kaiou-shins that when each one is worn by two different people, the two will permanently fuse. (Unfortunately, Gohan is engulfed. Boo, now with Gohan's powers, changes form again. Vegeta, still dead, is also sent into battle by the judge of death. With Goku wearing one of the earrings and Vegeta wearing the other, the two are pulled together and fused into Vegetto! At Vegetto's turn to fight Boo, Boo seems to be of no match to Vegetto, but Vegetto purposely gets eaten by Boo to save the other Z warriors. This cancelled the effects of the permanent fusion in Vegetto and Vegetto fisses back into Goku and Vegeta. They saves everyone in boo's body. Next, Boo undergoes another form change and temporarily becomes very muscular as he stands still in pain through the form change. Goku and Vegeta are now inside of Boo's organs. They find Trunks, Goten, Gohan, and Piccolo, and rescue them by carrying the mouth of one of Boo's pores. As they leave Boo, the warriors grow bigger and are restored to their normal size. Fat Boo, the good Boo, also escapes from Boo's body. The evil Boo, still "puffy" and bulky, is undergoing his form change to restore to his original form. Afterwards, he is little and short. Next, evil Boo does a giant fireball and blows up Earth!!! Luckily, Kaiou-shin had enough time and teleported Goku and his comrades to Kaiou-shin's planet. Later, the Namek dragonballs are gathered and a wish is made to restore the earth. Boo saw Kaiou-shin teleporting and learns how to do it. He goes to Kaiou-shin's planet. Goku and Vegeta are alone in Kaiou-shin's planet fighting Boo. Goku fights boo first in SSJ3 but Vegeta tells Goku to make Genki-Dama while he fights Boo. Vegeta stalls Boo as Goku gathers the energy to do a Super Genki-Dama fireball. While Vegeta is getting kicked around by Boo, Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks are on Earth trying to convince the earthlings to raise their hands so that their energy will be given to aid Goku strengthen his fireball. Because no one on earth listens to the heroes, a new approach is taken. Mr. Satan is contacted for help. Because of his fame, he goes into public and raises his hands. All of his fans, everyone on Earth, raise their hands too to show their appreciation to Mr. Satan. With everyone's hand raised, energy is transferred to Goku and now he has enough power to destroy Boo. With a single super fireball, Boo is destroyed. At the end, the fat Boo, who was beaten unconscious, awakens and enters our heroes' side. Ten years past. Goten and Trunks are now almost teenagers. Gohan married Videl and now has a 5 year old daughter, Pan. Goku wished to fight the evil Boo all over again, so he wished for the reincarnation of the evil Boo. The evil Boo, now Ubuu, is reincarnated and under the training of Goku. There is peace onearth... for now