Rancid - Rancid

Type: Album
Tracks: 22
Format: CD - LP
Genre: Punk
Year: 2000
Production: Hellcat Records
Distribution: Epitaph

Rancid (1993)
Let's Go (1994)
...And Out Comes The Wolves (1995)
Life Won't Wait (1998)
Rancid (2000)

Notes: Free poster inside

Rancid are:
Tim Armstrong (Guitar - Vocals)
Lars Frederiksen (Guitar - Vocals)
Matt Freeman (Bass)
Brett Reed (Drums)

Track List:
01. Don Giovanni
02. Disgruntled
03. It's Quite Alright
04. Let Me Go
05. I Am Forever
06. Poison
07. Loki
08. Blackhawk Down
09. Rwanda
10. Corruption
11. Antennas
12. Rattlesnake
13. Not To Regret
14. Radio Havana
15. Axiom
16. Black Derby Jacket
17. Meteor Of War
18. Dead Bodies
19. Rigged On A Fix
20. Young Al Capone
21. Reconciliation
22. GGF

The last album of the Californian group is their most punk album, even superior to "...And Out Comes The Wolves". Musically the sound is more speedy than the other albums. Amongst the songs the most beautiful are: "Disgruntled", "Radio Havana" and the melodic "Let Me Go". After all this is the quintessential of fury and wish of chaos which made punk rock.