E. by T.A.

Song for a Plain Moth

(Taken from The Bodies Artist)

The Moth I am a sub-cellular kind. They are not identifiable to a physical person up to that you/they have not remodeled her everybody. Not for this they are absent in all the others, in form of microorganisms, inclusive me. We always do in time to become some Moth and if we don't become him/it, there is nearby always a Moth to each of us as a guardian angel, to remember of it to us the existence. I have not socially known still an active person that has not had never to whether to do with a Moth. You can be said that it has accompanied the history of the man from his appeared to today, from the discovery of the fire to the era post-atomic bomb. It perhaps exists there from pria of us and he/she anchors we don't know it. We don't know entirely still his anamnesi. as microorganism is recognized by little. Lives for eras without knowing its existence. He doesn't have need to show. He worked better when nobody spoke of him. In the history it never makes mention, even distantly the suspect. Yet in every more important action of the human chronicle he has always had his part. The part more main points. In every bankrupt revolution, in every tied up familyquarrel to the attribution of roles of power and their exercise, in every place of job every time was tried you a redefinition of the human relationships to the inside, to end in every type of personal relationship where is had somehow to establish a hierarchical staircase of affections, affinity, likings, reciprocity, even in the relationships of couple. You will think that I am saying a stupidity but he have had more importance the Moth, in the failure of the Cultural Revolution in China, that Deng Hsiao Ping. Him more than Stalin in the involution of the Revolution of October. it is not the capitalism that englobes us as Black Tones it says it is the Moth. What then you should see him. It almost always has the aspect of the most harmless person of this world, what never says of no, but not even him, what always makes good part of our road next to us, that it is not shown, that if there is to say something he/she thinks twice always of us and at the end it doesn't even tell it, what always allows the good women to us for then to recover her when you/they have abandoned to us, that stays there friend, that never says a word against us, openly, that doesn't put darnel, that search always to make peace, that at times makes us feel straight scanty, intrusive, that has good sense more than us, that nobody would do him so deleterious for the human kind and his generous attempts of emancipation, that almost it would come there desire to speak well of it. And instead to fact more damages him of Hitler without nobody has ever realized of it. He has made to die a generation to the life sentence, he is passed above every injustice committed on the face of the earth, he has made to pass the spies for good people, he has deliberated the definitive defeat of every passion of liberty marking it for illusion, he has combined more than Charles of it in France and us silent there to speak or better thinking that without the change of the economic structure it was not possible any other type of change. Idiots and the Moth there to laugh. To everything there is today who anchors it is questioned on the economic structure and it individualizes in the exodus in progress toward the most advanced countries from the men of the other world (I don't refer to the hell or to the heaven eh) a contradiction in degree to put in crisis to revolutionary level constituted power, while the Moth rages and without to make the accounts with it. Do you want to send to died another generation of angry men? This time you won't succeed there, from your so paid desks. We want first to make the accounts with the Moth, at least. Tony tell us that difference there is between your Social Worker and the Der Arbaiter of Junger? The microorganism of the Moth is to me as the sick of hepatitis it is to the carrier of epatosi. The wrap of the microbe. I am a healthy carrier of the microorganism and I know so many of it as me.You can give to him that we have defeated the microbe without realizing of it (as it happens for the toxoplasmosi) or in us he has not found the better ground to develop and at the end he is calcified. Done it is that me from what I remember I don't have any particular type of feeling with anybody any of those demonstrations of life that go under the name of exercise of the power, applause of the strongest, elitism, exclusion of whom doesn't agree with us and it doesn't make the choir to us, etc... From little boy I have always broken the face to the small moth of turn that cut out of the game, what didn't use his expressions or that had not made a penis but he had to be cut out and enough. It was stronger than me. And I have continued with so for the whole life (apart some small moment of confusion in which my body was evidently fighting the illness). I don't have a relationship to be able with the next one, with my children that so many times, for this way of of mine, I are stunned (excuse me but I am not able it stuffed nothing), I have never imposed an only thing to my wife (that instead for this it was a happy to woman to be with me), I am always in the things in first person, ready to hurt me if necessary and nobody can remove from me this being in the world, any economic structure that however coercive (and I know something) he can remove from me this spiritual patrimony of my body, any disappointment, any poverty, doesn't care. I will never practice some power towards anybody. But in the destiny of each we have said there is a Moth and me I have decided to give the publicity that deserves to him. Two words on the Cambogia. Late revolution in an underdeveloped country. The poor Khmers had not a historical picture in front of them really encouraging. Had not Lenin succeeded there, Mao-Tse Tung, does the Common of Paris, Have Who Min, could succeed us them so small, limited, with a country full of malaria, done hunger, devastate by the war and by centuries of colonialism? Where was it the problem that had made to fail everybody? Pol Pot thought that the problem had a non economic base, in the bonds that we bring behind us and that they also recreate inside a socialized economic structure the relationships of production of which they are the reflex. He thinks well about separating the brothers from his/her/their sisters, the cousins from his/her/their mothers, I am making confusion, but in short later fifteen years in Cambogia if two relatives were met again the greatest part of the times they were not recognized. Besides this the original contribution of Pol Pot to the revolution was that to turn upside-down the normal relationships that usually in any type of society they are established between young people and old men. Old wise man, a little experienced young people. It turned upside-down all old men contaminated by the mental mechanisms of the precedent relationship of production, uncontaminated young people. In every decision as an adult that had lived in the pre-revolutionary society it contradicted a young picture of uncontaminated party he pecked at a pellet in head. The young people to the power. There is no denying it too often the experience of the red khmers is liquidated in easy way and scandalized, for the most part for false buonismo. But it was contained there, sinned a slaughter is revealed only. Pol Pot: the khmer-moth is a germinal microorganism that strikes all over the world the single individual, independently from the family bond and from the reminiscences sovrastrutturali of the relationships of production in which the individual is grown. The revolution is in my bedroom, had been dressing for night and it is not had to tell her of no. In E. by T.A. we have decided to launch this initiative that is already giving his fruits. An advertising country for the Moth to make executes him, to clarify the importance that he has had in the history and the star that it is to the whole humanity. As testimonial of the country we have chosen the image of my personal Moth, one of my good friends of infancy. He has always lived as if it had to live two hundred years, he has also been always to the side of every country house remaining in the parts (he is never known from what it departs it throws the wind) and he has collected, not to wear out or duty to think as to someone, less love stories of my father that my mother only has loved. A perfect Moth in the mean of the walk of his life. We are bled for the country there, us poor, but we wanted to make him the honor that deserves. We have posted his manifesto on all the walls of the city, on some stadium to payment, (sigh us poor), we have made to speak its radios, the mass-media, the net. We have opened a site devoted from to him where it receives applications of suggestion from the whole world, we have still spoken on the occasion of the song that we have devoted to him of it and that (but we are still undecided) it will probably entitle the whole album. we are given a lot There to do. My personal Moth has become one of the more people notes of the city, he has fear to be recognized for road, his mother tells him to be careful, he is refused to listen to the song that we have devoted to him (Mark's music mainly) and he refuses to answer to the questions that arrive him from the whole net, in all the languages. We will have to answer us to his place and in effects we have already started to do it. Certainly that applications of suggestion arrive him on all the types of problems: from the insecurity, to the job, to the philosophy, to the music, to the friendship, to the love even to speak of it. Will want us a heap of time but at the end we will answer to everybody. Song for to Plain Moth.