E. by T.A.

Adabatico Systematizes

(Taken from The Bodies Artist)

In the war in progress between the defenders of the I Teorema of Godel and the supporters of the V the use of the technology in the artistic expression is not a borderline of the line up in field. There is whoever it says that is not luckily today opposition between kinds and artistic forms and this it is true. The hybridization is by now an obvious constant of every process of escrementificazione of the thought. The informal ones are not in opposition with the figurative ones, the traditional painting is not antagonist of the anymore web-art, the written poetry is not it with the more forms experimental of music and visual poetry and street talking. I could continue for one whole year. The opposition however it is very more substantial than that that is commonly believed but it is traceable in thin way, it is almost set shutter-litteram and post-litteram, in comparison to the form (if we still want to continue to use this ugly term) that of time in time it assumes the artistic expression of the body. It's in effects only a manoeuvre of whom currently manages the circulation of the ideas, the defenders of the logic of Frege, to make to pass the ruling hybridization as absence of opposition, antagonism of the subjects. But it is not so the war there is and it is seen if only we want to use the eyes to do it. It is necessary to be careful, it didn't stuff to englobe from the work of mystification put into effect: type that beautiful peace boys, everything and the contrary of everything is all right this way. It is necessary to understand the adversary, to study the true differentiations that prefer us to him, to experiment, to unmask him and to go ahead for ours. Remember to you for first thing that the apologists of the I Teorema use technology at least how much us. You don't believe that behind their line the reactionary and obsolete parts of the community are only hidden. Even pits alone so we would have had already departed defeated, does put an end to the siege. Which it is then difference, the line of border between them and we, between the other part of us and we, as is it manifested? Every referable expression to the V Teorema of Godel is first of all a masterpiece of human share, in the intention, in the result, in the spatial contours that it assumes, it receives and it gives, you/he/she has not handed dams, it is not contemplative it is effective, it pants of addition, it is the vigil of Joyce, it doesn't have curriculum, it risks life, it is set bulky to the refusal of the humanity or to its epifania, community is always done both that is the expression of a body or million, he/she pants to this it is anagogica. Spread in the time. Never firm also in the immobility. it Throws back and it digests. The technology that employs is a mean as another to reach this. It would know how to also reach to this in case of absence of disposition technology. The contained expression inside the I Teorema is always instead a system adabatico. Any form assumes. Whoever is the author of it, also when it is disguised behind a Multiple-Name. An isolated system essentially remains, concluded, it doesn't receive and it doesn't give energy, it is contemplative. it is refractory to the humanity. It is right of author. it is never given. It cannot live without the technology, its new suit, is to the footstep with the times incredibly but it doesn't need anybody to its inside, it is independent as resulted final, it is also immovable in the movement, it does to competition with him same. It works on the incredulity of the people on their insecurity and the perpetual one. It wants power not share. You trench often inside a presumed divine character of the art and the immortality, it is mystification and above all it is not to the course of everybody. It is a simulacro, an icon, beautiful, a chapel animate sistina, is a hymn to the style, to the individuality of the genius, it is cold, alone. Punishment almost does me... Do you want to make company to me in this jail today? Tell me of a man. Me? You you. Of whom? Of me. Because I should ever tell of you, me, today... I don't know it... it is that I don't know if I have always been good with your mother... lately I often think it... I have even been always good with her... And that you think... What I am not able anything it stuffed... I am sorry it... it makes me die... I am also sorry it, but that I can do, now. Is it necessary to live this way? With the remorses? You. I don't know if I make it. Not even me. How are you now? Here or with the remorses? Here. I listen to the time, I eat me work to be, abundant breath and I sleep. As me. Don't you miss liberty? No. Are you sure that are well? I have not been well never, dad. Don't tell this way me. What do you want that tell you? Don't tell this way me. Do you want that I tell you of a man? You. I light up of immense. System traditional adabatico. Do tell me if you like this poetry? Endecasillabo loosened referable to the V Teorema of Godel.