E. by T.A.

The Theorem of Godel

(Taken from The Bodies Artist)

Highways are opened, endless horizons, to me. I need material. Shock. Of other information. Turin. Raced of logic mathematics. Possibility of falsification, to try to make to die my theory to my place, Popper. A thing has always left me perplexed when I felt to affirm from an artist I concern its work, from an admirer by the way of the picture of its preferred artist or from both envoys together with to serve as applause the one to the other: is perfect cannot be added to remove nothing of it. It's complete! . This way, the usual music. It was indeed after all beautiful. At all the concept is also a swearword. Who would have courage to add something to the chapel Sistina? A crazy person. Correct? Yet to me has always left perplexed this sketch. I are found it to me of frequent in front of the eyes. To the shows, to the cinema, after a concert, in gallery and ring is never me. Above all when to serve as background to the scene they are of the masterpieces, more it is discussed of masterpieces and more it plays badly to me. That films it lasted more ten minutes or ten minutes less and it would not be the masterpiece that is, on that picture a drop of color in more would have ruined everything, that riffs only to that point of the piece it could be. And is true accidents, is true stramaledettamente! Already and then? Ist Teorema of Godel. The predicate logic of Frege is complete. There is not more nothing to be removed neither to add. It is eviscerated everybody. It's a simple but complete system. Or complete and therefore it systematizes simple. To the simple adjective with a lot of probability Godel didn't attribute from immediately a decisive importance or at least up to when it didn't try to apply the theorem to the whole Mathematics related to the logic of Frege. Vth Teorema of Godel. Mathematics is incomplete not because something it misses to add or to discover to its inside (that would be the least one for Godel) but because anything can be added to it is incomplete in how much it systematizes complex and not simple. Wow Stricken. The nature of the complex systems is incomplete, that of the simple systems can complete him. The sketch of first it starts to play to me. However beautiful the masterpiece of first it belongs to the sphere of the Ist Teorema, the chapel Sistina is the equivalent of the predicate logic of Frege, what the art has produced till now has been conceived as a simple system, however beautiful, also with how much you strive can have been conceived it belongs to a phase of the human thought in which the simple term, complete that defines it is not able whether to be to identify not a really evolved moment or (we are benevolent) evolved not at the most any same thought. And every time that the author of a work of art of the past (everything has passed after this) it observed the completeness, the maximum completeness, the equilibrium, the fixity of its job didn't do whether to also admit if unconsciously the lack of complexity of every creative effort of his. The most beautiful assimilable human creation to the I Teorema of Godel cannot compete with the ugliest referable human creation to the V Teorema. It cannot compete us for lack of incompleteness, for lack of structural complexity, of complexity of the intentions. To that kind of human creation corresponds a referable complex system to the V Teorema of Godel? To which filaments of the human thought it will be associated a type of formulation that does some incompleteness the borderline of his complexity? What type of escrementificazioni can be produced, do you think, done realize by an incomplete complex system as the human body? A body that nevertheless it is still too fettered in the predicate logic of Frege, that he/she doesn't know to live incompletely, that has tasted only till now consciously simple systems yet. Let's not know him. We have opened a door and we have to see where it is leaned out. The premises to her some panorama you trespass. It could scare, It could almost convince us to close again the boundless door to leave to lose. Hard battles attend us against the defenders of the predicate logic, of the I theorem of Godel, of the simple systems. The first one among all that against the system of norms that anchors serves as ditch to the I Teorema and that him to pass by law under the name of author. We continue the siege to the fortitude of the I Teorema holding well tall our banners of the V. Let's not lose us heart. The imagination this time can have the best. Luckily we don't have avant-garde that mark us the footstep. Hey Galileo the world doesn't perhaps turn only anymore for a toward.